Maria Ramos
NL, Brasilien 2004
100 min

In Justiça, Maria Ramos puts a camera where many Brazilians have never been a criminal courtroom in Rio de Janeiro, following the daily routine of several characters. There are those that work there every day (public attorneys, judges, and prosecutors) and those that are merely passing through (the accused). The camera is used as an instrument that sees the social theater, the structures of power that is to say, what is, in general, invisible to us. With her options clear, and unobscured by her choice for sobriety and simplicity, Maria Ramos makes it evident that, like documentary making, justice is a long war from being impartial. How and for whom the judicial system works for is the fundamental question dealt with in this film, without providing any definite answers or making preconceived judgements. (Pedro Butcher)

  • Maria Ramos
  • Flávio Zangrandi
  • Valéria Ferro
  • Joana Collier
  • Virgínia Flores
  • Maria Ramos
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Selfmade Films Willemsparkweg 631071 GS Amsterdam, Niederlande T 203 05 85 55

35 mm
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