La sombra de un dios

A God's Shadow
Bernhard Hetzenauer
Mexico, AUT, DEU 2017
20 min

Chon, a member of the Native Mexican Wirrárika community, tells the story of his cousin Faustino, son of the shaman of an indigenous settlement called La Mora. In the 1980’s Faustino had proclaimed himself to be God. Together with an armed group he menaced and terrorized other neighboring villages. When Chon witnessed his cousin killing members of their own community, he escaped.

In the presence of Bernhard Hetzenauer.

  • Bernhard Hetzenauer
  • Bernhard Hetzenauer
  • Marco A. Lujan
  • Aarón O. Soria
  • Alan R. Cervantes
  • Bernhard Hetzenauer
  • Asunción Carrillo Gonzalez
  • Maria Anita Conchas Medina
  • Anita Ramos Ahumada
Hetzenauer&Mijatovic, Filmatelier 5

Bernhard Hetzenauer

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