Soft in the Head

Nathan Silver
USA 2013
71 min

Entering deep into that Neorealist territory the marked the 50’s New York scene and seems to return now and again in the alleys of the big city with raw stories of encouraging disenchantment, Nathan silver narrates the “love story” between a girl and a boy, two uncertain, bordering characters immerse within a group of social misfits under the care of Maury, a kind old man who could use some of his own medicine. But both through its characters and its underlying theme (a free adaptation of Dostoyevsky’s “The Idiot”, according to its director) SOFT IN THE HEAD builds a story in which the reality and fiction blur each other guided by a dark and bitter sensation which is rarely seen in contemporary Neorealism, and aware that the current times leave no room for much more than this. (Pablo Marín)

In the presence of Nathan Silver.

  • Sheila Etxeberría - Natalia
  • Ed Ryan - Maury
  • Carl Kranz - Nathan
  • Melanie J. Scheiner - Hannah
  • Theodore Bouloukos - David
  • Bruce Smolanoff - Charlie
  • Robert Williams-Taylor - Malford
  • Mark Gotbaum - Mark
  • Nathan Silver
  • Cody Stokes
  • Kia Davis
  • Cody Stokes
  • Arjun G. Sheth
  • Dennis Hu
  • Cody Stokes
  • Nathan Silver
  • Kia Davis
Konec Films, H. L. Silver Productions

Konec Films

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