Retrospective 2016

La signora senza camelie

Camille Without Camelias
Michelangelo Antonioni
I, FRA 1953
96 min

Lucia Bosè is a starlet in search of an identity as a persuasive Milanese-shopgirl-turned-sex-symbol. In anticipation of Godard’s VIVRE SA VIE, Antonioni brilliantly opens the film with an image of Clara seen from behind, as an anonymous pedestrian – tracing her fingers across a movie poster and then turning into the cinema entrance. As she joins the crowd inside, the first clear image we have of any face in the film is the large one looming on the movie screen, which subsequently proves to be her own – a succinct introduction to that discontinuity that registers with such cumulative force in the film’s final shot: when the capacity to smile for publicity photographs becomes the very token of her alienation and despair. ( Jonathan Rosenbaum)

  • Lucia Bosè - Clara
  • Ivan Desny - Nardo
  • Gino Cervi - Ercole
  • Andrea Checchi - Gianni
  • Michelangelo Antonioni
  • Suso Cecchi D’Amico
  • Pier Maria Pasinetti
  • Francesco Maselli
  • Enzo Serafin
  • Kurt Doubrowsky
  • Eraldo Da Roma
  • Giovanni Fusco
  • Gianni Polidori
Produzioni D. Forges, Davanzati, E.N.i.C., Cormorans Films
35 mm
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