Shirley Filmstill

Shirley - Visions of Reality

Gustav Deutsch
AUT 2013
92 min

The film uses 13 cinematically vivified paintings by Edward Hopper to tell the story of a woman who lives in a reality she doesn’t accept as given but rather as a made up and changeable construct and who sticks to her convictions in moments of truth. “While Shirley and her partner Stephen, a photo journalist for the ‘New York Post’, share an apartment on only two occasions during these three decades, their private and professional lives are deeply connected: unemployment as a result of the depression, disappointment after the betrayal of Group Theatre members in front of the Mccarthy committee, repressions as a result of the politically-minded theatre, career retirement as a result of ill partners, loss of partners, retirement to the countryside and questioning of the effectiveness of art, emigration to Europe – personal destinies that are pursued in front of and influenced by worldchanging events, cultural revolutions and socio-political upheavals. History is made up of personal stories.” (Gustav Deutsch)

In the presence of Gustav Deutsch and team members.

  • Stephanie Cumming - Shirley
  • Christoph Bach - Stephen
  • Florentin Groll
  • Elfriede Irrall
  • Tom Hanslmaier
  • Gustav Deutsch
  • Jerzy Palacz
  • Christoph Amann
  • Gustav Deutsch
  • Christian Fennesz
  • David Sylvian
  • Hanna Schimek
  • Gustav Deutsch
  • Mija t. Rosa
KGP Kranzelbinder Gabriele Production

EastWest Filmdistribution

KGP Kranzelbinder Gabriele Production
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