Jing Cha Ri Ji

To Live and Die in Ordos
Ning Ying
China 2013
113 min

In the booming inner Mongolian city of Ordos, Hao Wanzhong quits his job to join the police force. His single-minded dedication, bordering on obsession, results in a meteoric rise from beat cop to district police chief. Against a backdrop of majestic winter landscapes, affluent new cities and remote industrial districts, society is changing: peasants are drawn by the lures of the city; migrant workers build towns they won’t inhabit; relationships between men and women, poor and rich, are evolving and social conflicts are brewing.

In the presence of Ning Ying.

  • Wang Jingchun - Hao Wanzhong
  • Chen Weihan - Hao´s wife
  • Hou yansong - Hao´s brother
  • Sun Liang - Reporter
  • Ning Dai
  • Sean O’Dea
  • He Wei
  • Jia Cuiping
  • Liu Sijun
  • Wei Tao
Inner Mongolia Blue, Hometown Film Production, Inner Mongolian Film Group Corporation, Ordos Radio and Television Media

Inner Mongolia Blue Hometown Film Production

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