Valeska Grisebach
DEU 2006
88 min

Martin and Ella live in a village not far from Berlin. The couple have loved each other since they were children. They seem inseparable. One day, Martin goes on a business trip to a large town with the fire brigade. After a night of heavy drinking and carousing he wakes up in another woman's apartment. His efforts to find out what did occur lead to a passionate affair. This liaison does not change his love for his wife - even for a moment. But, try as he might, he cannot seem to find his way back to his old life. Told in a realistic style that sometimes has the feel of a documentary, Valeska Grisebach's debut feature is an unusual love story with echoes of the melodramatic and the fairy-tale. Before making this film, Valeska Grisebach conducted extensive video research into the private lives and loves of thirtysomethings living in Berlin-Brandenburg.

  • Andreas Müller - Markus Koplin
  • Ilka Welz - Ella Koplin
  • Anett Dornbusch - Rose
  • Erika Lemke - Grandmother
  • Valeska Grisebach
  • Bernhard Keller
  • Oliver Göbel
  • Sebastian Kleinloh
  • Raimund von Scheibner
  • Bettina Böhler
  • Valeska Grisebach
  • Natali Barrey
  • Beatrice Schultz
  • Birte Meesmann
Peter Rommel Filmproduktion, German Filmproduction GFP, 3sat/ZDF

IN FRAME / Hollywood Classics Linton House, 39-51 Highgate Road London NW5 1RT, GB, T 20 74 24 72 80

Peter Rommel Filmproduktion
Filmladen Mariahilfer Straße 58/7 1070 Wien T 1 523 43 62 0
35 mm
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