Mike Ott
USA 2006
80 min

Newhall, California, sits about thirty miles north of Los Angeles. It's a place where the youth work at Video Depot, go to community college, struggle with jocks and townies, and do their best to understand politics, their careers, and their love life. First-time feature director Mike Ott has made a provocative study of a group of friends negotiating the difficult transition from youth to adulthood. With a dreamy score by Derek Fudesco of Pretty Girls Make Graves, this subtle film captures the moment in one's life when the only thing more uncertain than today is tomorrow. Overwhelmed by the prospect of actually growing up and moving on, they watch their futures slowly atrophy as each day goes past. From the girl frustrated by the pretense of art school to a boy determined to fight injustice through vandalism, the young cast delivers performances of quiet naturalism, while Ott underscores their world of long, late night drives, dead-end jobs, and despondent friends with some great music for brooding.

  • Ivy Khan
  • Brett L. Tinnes
  • Chad Cunningham
  • Granger Green
  • Ryan E. Johnson
  • Mike Ott
  • Jay Keitel
  • Jason Joel Harris
  • Mark Ettel
  • Lane Farnham
  • Derek Fudesco
  • Cora Foxx
  • Roshni Sharma
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Jenifer Shahin 24408 Vista Hills Drive Valencia, CA 91355, USA T 661 803 1333

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