The Sacred Disease

Erica Scoggins
USA 2015
28 min

THE SACRED DISEASE is about the thin line between illness and cure, between madness and the mundane, between this world and a hidden one. It is very much about yearning for the unknown, about ‘disorder’ as a means to veiled knowledge or experience. The film is an attempt to recreate the feeling of these visceral, otherworldly seizures, which I experienced in my early 20s. Though classified as a form of epilepsy, these sudden alterations in consciousness felt like a glimpse of something beyond language, inexplicable and transcendent. (Erica Scoggins)

  • Kyla Ledes - Angie
  • Abigail Eiland - Nicole
  • Rebecca Lines - Janet
  • Erica Scoggins
  • Albrecht von Grünhagen
  • Erica Scoggins
  • Erica Scoggins
  • Madeleine Young
  • Grace Holtz
  • Becky Covington
Upside Down South Productions

Upside Down South Productions

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