Tribute Emile de Antonio


Emile De Antonio
USA 1966
122 min

President Kennedys assassination is more of a mystery today than it was in 1963. Emile de Antonio allows you to see the facts, hear the witnesses, and be your own judge of one of the most infamous crimes of the 20th century. «This is an American experience, an American film, an American issue. This is where Rush to Judgment belongs.This movie in a sense concerns how Lee Harvey Oswald was executed, and then tried without a defense attorney. In a real sense, this film is his defense. And so we are not impartial. A defense attorney does not have to provide a second theory; he simply has to indicate that the facts leveled against his client are not consistent. (Emile de Antonio)

  • Acquilla Clemons
  • Penn Jones Jr.
  • Warren Reynolds Jr.
  • Nancy Perrin
  • Rich Hamilton
  • Lee Bowers Jr.
  • J.C. Price
  • Charles F. Brehm
  • Emile de Antonio nach dem Roman von Mark Lane
  • Robert Primes
  • Paul Mielche
  • Dan Drasin
  • Mark Lane/Emile de Antonio
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Nancy de Antonio
16 mm
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