Tribute Emile de Antonio


Emile De Antonio
USA 1972

Emile de Antonios documentary on American painting since the 1950s interweaves conversations with artists, critics, gallery owners, and collectors (done in monochrome) with images of the paintings (filmed in color).
Emile de Antonio: When I first knew you, you werent painting, and then you did become a painter. Tell me why that happened and when it happened.
Andy Warhol: Well, you made me a painter.
Emile de Antonio: Lets have the truth.
Andy Warhol: That is the truth, isnt it? You used to gossip about the art people, and thats how I found out about art. You were making art commercial, and since I was in commercial art, I thought real art should be commercial, because you said so. Thats how it all happened.
Emile de Antonio: Do you feel that the kind of painting that most painters are doing today, like the color-field people, is a form of art for arts sake with no relationship to life, as opposed to Pop, or whatever you call the kind of work you do?
Andy Warhol: I think all the art thats being done now is so terrific.

  • Willem de Kooning
  • Helen Frankenthaler
  • Hans Hoffmann
  • Jasper Johns
  • Robert Motherwell
  • Barnett Newman
  • Kenneth Noland
  • Jackson Pollock
  • Larry Poons
  • Robert Rauschenberg
  • Frank Stella
  • Andy Warhol
  • Leo Castelli
  • William Rubin u.a.
  • Emile De Antonio
  • Mary Lampson
  • Ed Emshwiller
  • Mary Lampson
  • Tanya Neufeld
Turin Film Corp.
Nancy de Antonio
35 mm
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