Tribute Emile de Antonio


Emile De Antonio
USA 1971
93 min

One of the reasons Nixon was of interest to me personally was because there has been only one major figure in American life who runs the whole length of the Cold War and ends up in power: Nixon ran for Congress in 1946 for the first time on Cold War issues. He charged that the guy who ran against him was a communist. He started all the smear techniques. He ran on the Cold War in 1948, the Hiss case. In 1950, he said Helen
Gahagan Douglas was a communist; in 1952, Eisenhower was forced to choose him because he was the choice of the extreme conservatives in the Republican Party. He was a hard-liner on communism, he was a hard-liner on China, Korea, the Soviet Union, and later because he was a hard-liner on Vietnam and everything else. (Emile de Antonio)

The film opens at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, where the wax figure of Millhouse is being put together. By the end of the film after all the lying, rigged TV performances, fabricated witch-hunting of «subversives», slanderous campaigning for public office, searching for communist plots in pumpkin patches, and eagle-spread victory salutes to the aging and mindless delegates to Republican Party conventions it is clear that the «new» Nixon is really the same old phony he always was. (David Thorstad, 1971)

  • Jerry Voorhis
  • Jack Anderson
  • Jack McKinney
  • James Wechsler
  • Fred J. Cook
  • Joe McGinnis
  • Jules Whitcover
  • Laverne Morris
  • Ed Emshwiller (Washington)
  • Richard Kletter (New York)
  • Dan O'Reilly (Los Angeles)
  • Bruce Shaw
  • Mike Gray (Chicago)
  • Mary Lampson
  • Mary Lampson
Whittier Film Corp./Turin Film Corp.
Nancy de Antonio
35 mm
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