Tribute Warren Beatty


José Quintero
USA, GBR 1961
103 min

Vivien Leigh is the star of this gloomy, pessimistic portrait as a middle-aged widow, from Tennessee Williams only novel. She portrays a lonely, uncertain ex-actress who has given up her profession and her past to settle in Rome following the sudden death of her wealthy husband. However reluctantly, she soon falls prey to the interests of the fortune-hunting parasites and pimps of Rome who seek monetary rewards in return for romantic favors. But Leigh has the misfortune to fall in love with her «young man», who convincingly feigns amour, then flutters away on another attractive assignment provided by agent-panderer Lotte Lenya. Leigh gives an expressive, interesting delineation projecting intelligence and femininity, as always. Mrs. Stone, however, is no Blanche DuBois. Theres less to work with. Although every once in a while a little Guido Panzini creeps into his Italo dialect and Marlon Brando into his posture and expression, Beatty gives a fairly convincing characterization of the young, mercenary punk-gigolo. Lenya is frighteningly sinister as the cunning pimpette.

  • Vivien Leigh - Karen Stone
  • Warren Beatty - Paolo di Leo
  • Lotte Lenya - Gräfin Magda Terribili-Gonzales
  • Coral Browne - Meg
  • Jill St. John - Barbara
  • Jeremy Spenser - junger Mann
  • Stella Bonheur - Mrs. Jamison-Walker
  • Josephine Brown - Lucia
  • Gavin Lambert nach der Novelle von Tennessee Williams
  • Harry Waxman
  • Leslie Hodgson
  • Ralph Kemplen
  • Richard Addinsell
  • Roger K. Furse
  • Pierre Balmain
  • Beatrice Dawson
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35 mm
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