Monte Hellman
USA 2010
121 min

Young American cult movie director Mitchell Haven has found the material to make his next masterpiece. It’s a true crime story involving a beautiful young woman, Velma Duran, and her older politico lover, Rafe Taschen. When their fraudulent kickback scheme goes wrong, it leads to the death of a sheriff’s deputy and ends with the starcrossed lovers’ dramatic suicides. Mitchell falls in love with the ill-fated tale, and even more so with the beautiful Velma Duran. And when he casts Euro-based model and budding actress Laurel Graham, who bears an eerie resemblance to Velma, he falls even further in love. But by the time shooting begins on the very location of the incidents, Mitchell learns that nothing about the crime – or its participants – is as it seems.

  • Shannyn Sossamon - Laurel/Velma
  • Dominique Swain - Nathalie Post
  • Tygh Runyan - Mitchell Haven
  • Cliff de Young - Cary Stewart/Taschen
  • Waylon Payne - Bruno Brotherton
  • Steven Gaydos
  • Josep M. Civit
  • Celine Ameslon
  • Tom Russell
  • Laurie Post
  • Chelsea Staebell
Road to Nowhere LLC

E1 Entertainment

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