Dominic Angerame
USA 2018
23 min

A modern “city symphony” struck by an acute case of depression; a contemporary “still life” made from moving images. Angerame gathers views around a port: docked ships, severe buildings, industrial debris. The images are mostly depopulated, with an occasional glimpse of lonely workers amid the cold refuse and imposing urban structures. As the high-contrast black-and-white views accumulate, they are combined, superimposed, vignetted; their editing pace quickens and slows. Set to a dreamy electric guitar score, the film drifts toward those natural elements (moon, water, sky) that might survive or even redeem the general bleakness. (Adrian Martin)

  • Dominic Angerame
  • Kevin Barnard
  • Dominic Angerame
Dominic Angerame, Light Cone

Canyon Cinema, Light Cone

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