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Recordações da casa amarela

Recollections of the Yellow House
João César Monteiro
P 1989
115 min

Lisbon, 1989: João de Deus, a middle-aged poor devil lives in a room in a cheap family boarding house, in the old section of the city by the river. tormented by illness and various adversities, he feeds on Schubert and maybe on a vague militancy to cinema as a form of resistance to misery, is kicked out on his ass, following a frustrated attampt against the virtuousness of the landlady’s daughter. alone, deprived of any resources, he is confronted by the harshness of the city and is interned in an asylum, from which he will emerge upon his considered decision as a free man, to fulfil a “rich and strange” mission, pointed out by an old friend, a mental patient like himself: “Go, and make them sweat!” and between ourselves, laughing always, so he has done.

  • João César Monteiro - João de Deus
  • Manuela de Freitas - Violeta
  • Ruy Furtado - Armando
  • Teresa Calado - Julieta
  • Duarte de Almeida - Ferdinando
  • António Terrinha - Arzt
  • João César Monteiro
  • José António Loureiro
  • Vasco Pimentel
  • Helena Alves
  • Claudio Martinez
  • Luís Monteiro
Invicta Filmes, GER

Zon Lusomundo Audiovisuais

35 mm
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