Raoul Ruiz, contre l'ignorance fiction!

Alejandra Rojo
FRA 2016
62 min

This documentary offers three keys to unlock Raoul Ruiz’s enormous film oeuvre; poetry, science and his youth form the basis for his unique vision of the world. When he died, Raoul Ruiz left behind more than 100 features, short films and documentaries. His universe is so unique and layered that we are nowhere near speaking or writing the last word about it. This documentary is not so much “about” Ruiz, but briefly brings his incomparable personality back to life, for instance thanks to his presence on the soundtrack. Ruiz attached a great deal of importance to good company and friendship. A few of his creative sidekicks bear witness to their relationship with the ever-humorous chilean director, who considered precise formulation just as important as lavish eating and drinking. Using fragments, Alejandra Rojo illustrates how Ruiz translated scientific themes, and especially his obsession with the phenomenon time, into visual poetry. (Film Festival Rotterdam)

  • Alejandra Rojo
  • Jérôme Colin
  • Roxane Billamboz
  • Isabelle Poudevigne
  • Raoul Ruiz
  • Francisco Ariztia
  • Jorge Arriagada
  • Paulo Branco
  • Ricardo Pereira
TS Productions

Doc & Film International

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