Radio Dreams

Babak Jalali
USA 2016
93 min

A single day unfolds at a farsi-language radio station in San francisco. The staff awaits a much-anticipated visit from the metal band Metallica, arranged with the highest of hopes by hamid, the station’s perpetually exasperated program director. In Iran, hamid was a renowned author, but he’s since channeled his energy into keeping Pars Radio’s schedule packed with meaningful content. Also in the mix is real-life Afghani band Kabul Dreams, who’ve been summoned to join their rock idols for a broadcast that’ll hopefully drum up some new listeners. But the meeting isn’t just a publicity stunt – at least not for hamid, who sees it more as a symbolic cultural exchange between East and West.
RADIO DREAMS writer-director Babak Jalali strikes the perfect tone, couching the film’s more serious themes within a small-scale film that’s filled with deadpan humor and understated yet powerful performances – particularly by the charismatic Mohsen Namjoo, aka “the Iranian Bob Dylan” – as the passionate hamid. (Cheryl Eddy)

  • Mohsen Namjoo - Hamid
  • Kabul Dreams - Sulyman Qardash, Siddique Ahmed and Raby Adib
  • Lars Ulrich - Lars Ulrich
  • Mohammad Talani
  • Babak Jalali
  • Aida Ahadiany
  • Noaz Deshe
  • Mahmood Schricker
  • Nico Leunen
  • Babak Salek
  • Mahmood Schricker
  • Laura Lathi
Butimar Productions

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