Phillip Noyce
AUS 2001
95 min

Rabbit-Proof Fence tells the true story of three young aboriginal girls with white fathers. Molly, Daisy and Gracie are forcibly removed from their families in Western Australia in 1931. They are supposed to be trained as domestic servants and farm laborers as part of an official government program to «breed out» the aborigines. The so-called home turns out to be a dump where the girls are constantly humiliated. They escape and embark on an epic 1,500 mile journey, following the rabbit-proof fence to get back home, with the authorities chasing them all the way.

  • Everlyn Sampi - Molly Craig
  • Tianna Sansbury - Daisy Craig
  • Laura Monaghan - Gracie Fields
  • David Gulpilil - Moodoo
  • Kenneth Branagh - A.O. Neville
  • Deborah Mailman - Mavis
  • Jason Clarke - Constable Riggs
  • Ningali Lawford - Mollys Mutter
  • Myarn Lawford - Mollys Großmutter
  • Garry McDonald - Mr. Neal
  • Roy Billing - Polizei-Inspektor
  • Christine Olsen nach dem Buch «Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence» von Doris Pilkington Garimara
  • Christopher Doyle
  • Craig Carter
  • John Scott
  • Veronika Jenet
  • Peter Gabriel
  • Roger Ford
  • Roger Ford
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Hanway Films 24 Hanway Street London W1T 1UH, Großbritannien T 20 7290 0750

35 mm
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