Posto avançado do progresso

An Outpost of Progress
Hugo Vieira da Silva
P 2016
121 min

At the end of the nineteenth century, two inexperienced Portuguese colonizers disembark in a remote part of the Congo River in order to coordinate a trading post. As time goes by, they become increasingly demoralized by their inability to profit from the ivory trade. A mutual feeling of distrust and misunderstadings with the locals isolates them.
António Pinto Ribeiro: “Interestingly this is a chamber film, a ‘huis clos’ set in Africa, a continent we always think about in terms of wide open areas, endless jungles, and unknown territorial limits.
Hugo Vieira da Silva: This notion is romanticized, for example, by Conrad in ‘heart of Darkness’, which, despite denouncing colonialism, describes Congo as a sort of mythical, wild, unsound and terrible place. On the other hand, in Conrad’s most ingenious and seminal work ‘An Outpost of Progress’, the jungle is a small stage where the misunderstandings and ambiguities of the colonial relationship are staged in a game of hideand- seek, almost burlesque, where the African characters finally gain subjectivity. I wanted to highlight that theatrical aspect.”

In presence of Hugo Vieira da Silva.

  • Nuno Lopes - João de Mattos
  • Ivo Alexandre - Sant’Anna
  • David Caracol - Makola
  • Inês Helena - Senhora Makola
  • António Mpinda - Gobila
  • José Manuel Mendes - Silva Porto
  • Cleonise Malulo - Kimpa Vita
  • Hugo Vieira da Silva
  • based on an novel by Joseph Conrad
  • Fernando Lockett
  • Pierre Tucat
  • Paulo Mil Homens
  • João Dourado Santos
  • Tânia Franco
Alfama Films, Leopardo Filmes

Alfama Films

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