From the Heart of the World


Last Holiday
Amir Karakulow
Kazakhstan 1996
65 min

1979. Three boys live and go to school together in Almaty. After the last schoolday they set out to celebrate, slip into a bar and steal a guitar. Valerka's stepfather with whom the boy has a difficult relationship calls the cops. The cops take Valerka with them and beat him up. Karim and Jacob find out that their buddy has been betrayed by his stepfather and want to get back their own. A severely wounded Valerka is kicked out onto the street by the police. He seeks shelter with Karim and Jacob. They go in search of painkillers and find them with drugdealers. Valerka doesn't look as if he will hang on.

  • Sanschar Ischakow - Karim
  • Schalwa Gogoladse - Scheka
  • Anatolij Gaptschuk - Walerka
  • Assel Mambetowa
  • Anatolij Gorschkow
  • Natalija Dolmatowa
Studio D 46-68 Dostyk Street 480100 Almaty, Kasachstan T 3272 61 49 66 F 3272 53 31 94

Studio D, Tokyo Office 1-5-101 Nionbashinakasu, Chuo-ku Tokyo, Japan T 3 3662 0102 F 3 3662 0102

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