Sharon Lockhart
PL, USA 2009
33 min

Sharon Lockhart’s new film, ]]>Podwórka]]>, takes as its subject matter the courtyards of Łodz, Poland, and the children that inhabit them. A ubiquitous architectural element of the city, Łodz’ courtyards are the playgrounds of the children that live in the surrounding apartment buildings. Separated from the streets, they provide a sanctuary from the traffic and commotion of the city. Yet far from the overdetermined playgrounds of the US, the courtyards are still very much urban environments. In six different courtyards throughout the city of Łodz, we see parking lots, storage units, and metal armatures become jungle gyms, sandboxes, and soccer fields in the children’s world. A series of fleeting interludes within city life, ]]>Podwórka]]> is both a study of a specific place and an evocation of the resourcefulness of childhood.

In the presence of Sharon Lockhart.

]]>Podwórka]]> will be screened before Hell Roaring Creek.

  • Yori Fabian
  • Tobias Poppe
  • Tom Ozanich
  • Aleksandra Pniak
  • Fil Ruting
Lockhart Studio


arsenal experimental
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