À perdre la raison

Our Children
Joachim Lafosse
B, LUX, FRA, CH 2012

Murielle and Mounir love each other passionately. Ever since he was a boy, the young man has been living with Doctor Pinget who provides him with a comfortable life. When Mounir and Murielle decide to marry and have children, the couple’s dependence on the doctor becomes excessive. Murielle finds herself caught up in an unhealthy emotional climate that insidiously leads the family towards a tragic outcome. “I was freely inspired by an incident that occurred in Belgium in 2007. I heard a dramatic report on the radio about a woman who had killed her five children. I immediately felt that this harked back to Greek tragedy and that the incident offered me the possibility to go deeper into what I spoke about in my previous films: excessive love and its consequences, debt, perverse bonds, dysfunctional families, the question of limits... (...) The family is where we learn about democracy and is also the best place to observe dictatorship in action. I know that it’s a violent setting. What interests me in a family are the dysfunctions.” (Joachim Lafosse)

Please be aware that the 0 a.m. screening at the Künstlerhaus will take place in the night between November 3 and 4.

  • Niels Arestrup - André Pinget
  • Tahar Rahim - Mounir
  • Emilie Dequenne - Murielle
  • Baya Belal - Rachida
  • Stéphane Bissot - Françoise
  • Mounia Raoui - Fatima
  • Thomas Bidegain
  • Joachim Lafosse
  • Matthieu Reynaert
  • Henri Maïkoff
  • Ingrid Simon
  • Thomas Gauder
  • Jean-François Hensgens
  • Sophie Vercruysse
  • Anna Falguères
  • Magdalena Labuz
Versus Productions, Samsa Films, Les Films du Worso, Box Productions, Prime Time, RTBF, RTS (Radio Télévision Suisse)

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35 mm
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