Alain Cavalier
FRA 2011
106 min

Actor Vincent Lindon and director Alain Cavalier are close friends. They like to talk to each other. Then, just once in a while, they don suit and tie. Play men of power. See how much trouble they can make. For a laugh. They tell a tall story, that’s part really personal, part, well – just plain tall. Only, as ever at the movies, there’s that excellent question no one can answer: is it really all make-believe?

  • Vincent Lindon - Professor Charcot
  • Bernard Bureau
  • Jonathan Duong
  • Hubert-Ange Fumey
  • Jean-Pierre Lindon
  • Manuel Marty
  • Claude Uzan
  • Alexandre Widhoff
  • Grégory Widhoff
  • Jean Widhoff
  • Alain Cavalier
  • Alain Cavalier
  • Vincent Lindon
  • Niels Barletta
  • Bruno Patin
Camera One Arte France Cinéma

Pathé International

35 mm
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