From the Heart of the World


Flight of the Bee
Dschamschet Usmonow, Min Byung-hun
Tajikistan, Südkorea 1998
90 min

The hero is a middle-aged schoolteacher in a small Tajik village who tells his pupils with visible pleasure about the history and nature of his land. He is an ordinary, poor man with a strong feeling for justice. His neighbor, a lout, is stinking rich. Although only divided by a wall, the two live in entirely different worlds. The rich neighbor despises the schoolteacher. He bothers the teacher's wife and builds an open toilet next to the poor man's home. When the smell gets too much, the teacher complains, but is immediately kicked out. This is reason enough for the teacher to start a battle against injustice in the world. This low-budget narrative puts social relations in the new Tajikistan in a broader context.

  • Muchamed Schodi - Der Lehrer
  • Nastura Orti - Die Frau des Lehrers
  • Tagmojmurod Rosik - Der Nachbar
  • Pachreddin - Der Sohn des Lehrers
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