Night Fishing
Parking Chance
Südkorea 2011
33 min

Deep in the woods, cutting through the fog, a man walks in carrying a fishing bag. He arrives at the edge of a river. The man leisurely goes about setting up his fishing rods and starts fishing. Hours later, night has fallen on the quiet riverside. He hasn’t caught much fish and just sits, waiting. Just then, something big is caught on the fishing rod. It’s not something he can put on his dinner plate, but a mysterious young woman in a white funeral dress crying in a little girl’s voice, calling him “daddy”.

This film is part of the short film program Pushing the Boundaries.

  • Oh Kwang-rok - Mann
  • Lee Jung-hyun - Frau
  • Parking Chance
  • Ju Sung-lim
  • Kim Woo-il
Moho Film


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