Ida Lupino
USA, 1950
75min, OF

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Ida Lupino
USA, 1950
, 75min, OF

Mala Powers
Ann Walton
Tod Andrews
Reverend Bruce Ferguson
Robert Clarke
Jim Owens
Raymond Bond
Eric Walton
Lillian Hamilton
Mrs. Walton
Collier Young
Malvin Wald
Ida Lupino
John Cass
Clem Portman
Archie Stout
Harvey Manger
Paul Sawtell
Harry Horner

The Filmmakers
35 mm

OUTRAGE is a film that has none of the usual noir trappings of murder, gunplay and bank heists. It is, instead, a personal tale of one woman’s attempts to cope with the psychological effects of having been raped. Working late to earn extra money for her upcoming marriage, Ann Walton is stalked one night by the proprietor of a snack wagon, whose previous efforts to flirt with Ann had been unsuccessful. Unable to identify her attacker, Ann attempts to resume a life of normalcy, but is unable to endure the curious stares of her neighbors and co-workers. Utterly alone in her psychological pain, she flees to an orange grove community. Finding temporary work as a fruit-packer, she befriends Bruce Ferguson, a soft-spoken minister who has suffered his own crises of faith, and who recognizes the need to delicately heal Ann’s emotional wounds. Lupino's unwillingness to conclude the film with a trite happy ending that magically restores its characters to normalcy is one of OUTRAGE’s many special achievements. (Bret Wood)

Ida Lupino
Born on February 4, 1918, in London. She makes her first film appearance in THE LOVE RACE in 1931. After a few films made in England she moves to Hollywood in 1933 and signs a contract for Warner Bros. In 1949 when director Elmer Clifton cannot finish NOT WANTED, Lupino steps in (but does not take directorial credit out of respect for Clifton). Soon thereafter, Lupino establishes her own production company, The Filmmakers, and from 1949 to 1966 she nurtures a successful dual career as an A-list actress and a filmmaker dedicated to the production of films investigating the social condition of women in contemporary society. From the 50’s till the 70’s she directs almost exclusively television productions. On August 3, 1995, Ida Lupino dies in Los Angeles at the age of 77.