Special: Ida Lupino

Hard, Fast and Beautiful

Ida Lupino
USA 1951
76 min

Claire Trevor appears as Millie, a ruthless maternal figure who coerces her daughter, Florence into becoming a professional tournament tennis player. In this quest, Millie is aided by an unscrupulous promoter, Fletcher Locke, who attempts to seduce Millie and wreck her marriage to her long-suffering husband. Robert Clarke appears as Florence’s boyfriend and it is through his continual criticism that Florence begins to question the validity of her pursuit of sports stardom. At the film’s conclusion, Florence refuses to continue on as a tennis champion, thus forfeiting her title, in order to care for her ailing father. In this, Lupino restates her own desire to remain subservient – at least superficially – to the existing patriarchal order. As she observed in her article, “Me, Mother Directress”.

In this copy, one of the last, unfortunately missing 9 Minutes, which are narratively noticeably.

  • Claire Trevor - Millie Farley
  • Sally Forrest - Florence Farley
  • Carleton G. Young - Fletcher Locke
  • Robert Clarke - Gordon McKay
  • Kenneth Patterson - Will Farley
  • Martha Wilkerson based on a story by John R. Tunis
  • Archie Stout
  • Clem Portman
  • Philip Brigandi
  • William Ziegler
  • George Shrader
  • Roy Webb
  • Albert S. D’Agostino
  • Jack Okey
The Filmmakers, RKO Radio Pictures
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