Chris Hegedus, D.A. (Donn Alan) Pennebaker
USA 2002
95 min

In 1999, D.A. Pennebaker and Chris Hegedus launched into a mission to find and record some of the the greatest soul stars ever: Wilson Pickett, Sam Moore of Sam and Dave, Mary Wilson of the Supremes, Isaac Hayes, Jerry Butler, and the Chi Lites. They went to Memphis for a reunion of legendary Stax Records stars like Rufus Thomas and his daughter, the great Carla Thomas, William Bell, Sir Mack Rice, and others. The result is a permanent film document of a dying genre of music rhythm and blues some 25 years after the hits stopped coming but the musicians kept playing. What happened when disco took over and the radio became fractionalized? How did they keep going? As Jerry Butler sings in the films, «Only the Strong Survive».

  • D.A. Pennebaker
  • Jim Desmond
  • Nick Doob
  • Chris Hegedus
  • Erez Laufer
  • Jehane Noujaim
  • Chris Hegedus
  • John Paul Pennebaker
  • Kit Pennebaker
  • Chris Hegedus
  • Erez Laufer
  • D.A. Pennebaker
  • Jerry Butler
  • The Chi Lites
  • Isaac Hayes
  • Sam Moore
  • Ann Peebles
  • Wilson Pickett
  • Carla Thomas
  • Rufus Thomas
  • Mary Wilson
Pennebaker & Hegedus Films 262 West 91st Street New York NY 10024, USA T 212 496 9195

Miramax International 99 Hudson Street, 5st floor New York NY 10013, USA T 212 219 4100 F 212 941 3836

35 mm
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