Tribute Jürgen Böttcher


Jürgen Böttcher
German Democratic Republic 1962
15 min

With this award-winning film about overhauling a furnace 56 meters high and weighing 2,000 tons , Böttcher lay the foundations of his reputation as a documentary filmmaker. It is about steel which, in the early GDR economy, was a magic quantity, the benchmark for all progress. The overhauling generates the films suspense, but Böttcher is only marginally interested in technology, his real interest is to portray heavy manual labor.

  • Jürgen Böttcher
  • Christian Lehmann
  • Hans Dumke
  • Helmut Gerstmann
  • Gerhard Münch
  • Walter Rosskopf
  • Charlotte Beck
DEFA-Studio f. Wochenschau u. Dokumentarfilme

Progress Filmverleih

35 mm
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