In Focus: Jean-François Stévenin

Nuit de chien

Werner Schroeter
FRA, DEU, P 2008
120 min

Werner Schroeter’s final film, NUIT DE CHIEN, is the adaptation of Juan Carlos Onetti’s eponymous novel. The filmmaker said about this Uruguayan writer: “Onetti, he is the opposite of capitalism. He is somebody who has lived with his intelligence alone.” And it’s true, the night in this crepuscular film is populated by a small troop of lonely souls. Even though each of them pursues the other, all of them are spiteful, cruel and ready to tear each other apart rather than connecting with each other. Stévenin, for example, plays a militia leader reduced to a skin of sorrow in a disastrous regime who faces Pascal Grégory, a particularly distraught physician searching for a loved woman in vain. Filmed in Portugal, using excessive artificial lighting, in French with a mostly French cast, this film displays Schroeter’s habitual theatricality, but his lyricism here has been stifled, subdued, and struggles to victoriously emerge from this slowmotion apocalypse. (Jean-Pierre Rehm)

  • Pascal Greggory - Ossorio
  • Jean-François Stévenin - Martins
  • Bruno Todeschini - Morasan
  • Éric Caravaca - Villar
  • Amira Casar - Irène
  • Bulle Ogier - Doña Inês
  • Werner Schroeter
  • Gilles Taurand
  • based on the novel „Para esta noche“ by Juan Carlos Onetti
  • Thomas Plenert
  • Pierre Tucat
  • Peter Przygodda
  • Bilbo Calvez
  • Julia Gregory
  • Eberhard Kloke
  • Alberte Barsacq
Alfama Films, Filmgalerie 451, Clap Filmes

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Alfama Films
Filmgalerie 451
35 mm
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