Our Private Lives
Denis Côté
Kanada 2007
82 min

After a lengthy virtual relationship over the Internet, Milena and Philip take the plunge and agree to finally meet. Having lived in Montréal for over a decade, Milena, an immigrant of Bulgarian descent, accepts to greet her correspondent Philip, a flirtatious photographer from Sofia. Out in an isolated cottage in Québec’s countryside, the couple abandon themselves to one another. Between periods of cultural clashes and fleshly pleasures, the two assess each other and the possibilities for true love. But strange, uncanny events soon disrupt Milena and Philip’s quiet intimacy as secrecy and silence slowly set in.
Nos vies privées is as intimate as its title suggests. Côté’s minimalist, observational approach allows the story to unfold naturally, and creates a realistic environment in which the actors may sink into their characters. Liutova and Gospodinov match Côté’s work with subtle, understated performances that make the most of every word and movement. Gracefully shot by cinematographer Rafaël Ouellet, the restrained film builds a foreboding ambience rarely seen in contemporary cinema. The beautiful rural location reinforces the theme of modern isolation, in which technology connects people, but does not join them. The false promise of virtual bridges is lost in the real world. (Jesse Wente)

  • Penko S. Gospodinov - Philip
  • Anastassia Liutova - Milena
  • Denis Côté
  • Rafaël Ouellet
  • Daniel Fontaine-Bégin
  • Jean-Pierre Bissonnette
  • Christian Laurence
  • Ramponneau Paradise
Video (Digi Beta)
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