No m'estimis

Love Me Not
Luis Miñarro
E, Mexico 2018
83 min

Contemporary biblical and political literature constitutes the symbolic order in this heterodox allegory set in the desert, some Middle-East territory where a prophet, or terrorist, called Yokanaan is incarcerated in some caves in a small military camp identified with the (cynical) defense of global democracy; there, the daughter of the highest military authority in place develops all kinds of feelings for this enigmatic man, while soldiers oscillate between respect and disdain towards him. In the conceptual universe ofered by Luis Miñarro, Western decadence is perceived as an evidence and the dialectics between civilization and barbarity becomes an impossible-to-avoid matter in  such context, while the pleasures of the flesh ofer an available-for- everyone form of consolation. The fact that the prisoners and the  prophet wear the uniforms used in American detention and torture centers is only one of the signs that refer to present times, while there are also references to Christian tradition, since the characters are named Antipas or Salome. (Roger Koza)

In the presence of Luis Miñarro.


  • Ingrid García-Jonsson - Salome
  • Oliver Laxe - Yokanaan
  • Francesc Orella - Kommandant Antipas
  • Lola Dueñas - Herodias
  • Luis Alberti - Hiroshima
  • Fausto Alzati - Nagasaki
  • Sergi Belbel
  • Luís Miñarro
  • Santiago Racaj
  • Amanda Villavieja
  • Alejandro Castillo
  • Ton Al Rey Bolaño
  • Núria Esquerra
  • Gemma Cabello
  • Esteban Aldrete
  • Claudio Ramírez Castelli
Piano, Lluís Miñarro

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