Nervous Translation

Shireen Seno
Philippinen 2018
90 min

If Lav Diaz’ Brecht’ian singer/songwriter opera ANG PANAHON NG HALIMAW looks into the black heart of Ferdinand Marcos’ 21- year dictatorship then Shireen Seno’s NERVOUS TRANSLATION describes from a most unusual vantage point the immediate aftermath of his disposal through the 1986 People Power Revolution: that of eight-year old Yael whom one sees most of the time at home, in the company of her family. The film’s genius lies in the way Seno stays on her protagonist’s level: how the house she lives in looks big, especially when seen from somewhat lower angles, with fragments and details dominating her perception; how time passes more slowly; how one is able to find delight in seemingly irrelevant things. Magic is in the air and can be expected from objects like a pen described as possessing life-changing powers in a TV-ad and thus as close to a magic wand as one can get on the Philippines. Rituals are also important, like cleaning her shoes or listening secretly to tapes her mother got sent from her husband working in a far-away land. Yael lives in a dollhouse of her own mind. And maybe that’s the true size of the world, really. After NERVOUS TRANSLATION one is willing to believe so. (Olaf Möller)

In the presence of Shireen Seno.

  • Jana Agoncillo - Yael
  • Angge Santos - Val
  • Sid Lucero - Tino
  • Shireen Seno
  • Albert Banzon
  • Jippy Pascua
  • Dennese Victoria
  • Mikko Quizon
  • John Torres
  • Shireen Seno
  • Itos Ledesma
  • Leeroy New
Los Otros Films, Creative Programs

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