Alexander Payne
USA 2012
115 min

Woody Grant, an ageing Montana resident played by the hypnotically watchable Bruce Dern, is sure he has won a million dollars in a sweepstake. The lure of the windfall prompts him to travel to the headquarters of the sweepstake organiser in Nebraska to collect his winnings. Will Forte, playing his estranged son, agrees to go along for the ride, taking a detour to the small Nebraska town where his father was born. Behind the surface simplicity of a father and son road trip lurks a sharp and bitter-sweet odyssey with a strong sense of satire that also reaches to emotional truths as the characters muse on the state of the nation and harbour regrets for times gone by. (Richard Mowe)

  • Bruce Dern - Woody Grant
  • Stacy Keach - Ed Pegram
  • Will Forte - David Grant
  • June Squibb - Kate Grant
  • Bob Odenkirk - Ross Grant
  • Bob Nelson
  • Phedon Papamichael
  • Frank Gaeta
  • Patrick Cyccone
  • Richard Ford
  • Kevin Tent
  • Mark Orton
  • J. Dennis Washington
  • Wendy Chuck
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