Kenan KiliÇ
AUT 2002
65 min

A small bar on the outskirts of Vienna. Its foreign-born regulars live on the edge of society. The majority are illegal immigrants, unemployed and without financial resources, living at the edge of mere survival. For a small group of native Turks, this existence represents a transitory phase which might eventually lead to a better life. Cemo, one of them, is unable to carry on between hope and reality. Nachtreise is a milieu study which will acquaint its viewers with a group of people whose lives have not been touched by what is termed integration.

  • Mehmet Tanik - Cemo
  • Hakki Kiliç - Hasan
  • Abdulkerim Sari - Keko
  • Neriman Akkale - Hatice
  • Halit Inan - Toprak
  • Rafet Eski - Esmer
  • Ahmet Çakir - Bayram
  • Ali Turaç - Ibo
  • Reinhard Jud
  • Kenan KiliÇ
  • Robert Angst
  • Helmut Wimmer
  • Metin Meto
  • Stefan Holzer
  • Taner Sirri Karatas
  • Wolfgang Widerhofer
  • Kenan KiliÇ
  • Metin Meto
  • Elsayed Kandil
Nikolaus Geyrhalter Filmproduktion Hildebrandgasse 26 1180 Wien T 1 403 01 62

Kenan Kiliç Fred-Raymond-Gasse 19/Stg. 2 1220 Wien T 699 1170 6019

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