Retrospective 2014

My Darling Clementine [Pre-release version]

John Ford
USA 1946
103 min

John Ford's version of the famous shooting at the O.K Corral and his prehistory also tells the story about the change of a pioneer's society and the fist right – embodied by the authoritarian Old Man Clanton and his four sons – to a civil constitutional state. Only this change enables Sheriff Wyatt Earp to catch up with the modern age and protect the citizens of Tombstone so that they can enjoy her modest prosperity and the beginning cultural life in peace.

  • Walter Brennan - Eddie
  • Henry Fonda
  • Ward Bond
  • Linda Darnell - Chihuahua
  • Victor Mature - Doc Holliday
  • Cathy Downs - Clementine Carter
  • Tim Holt
  • Samuel G. Engel
  • Winston Miller
  • Joseph MacDonald
  • Eugene Grossman
  • Dorothy Spencer
  • Cyril J. Mockridge
  • Lyle R. Wheeler
  • James Basevi
  • René Hubert
Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
35 mm
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