Monos (OmeU)

Alejandro Landes
Colombia, Argentina, NL, DK 2019
102 min

It takes a while to realize what’s going on in the new film by the director of PORFIRIO. The first impression we get is that we are somehow in a lunar landscape, a faraway planet or some distant civilization. But slowly we understand the situation is way more realistic than that: this is a war film, a hostage story, and it all takes place in Colombia, in a lost forest in the middle of nowhere. Landes avoids all the classic set-ups for a story like this, choosing instead to take the audience with him on a wild, weird, dangerous, but also strangely comic ride in which a group of teenage soldiers have a mission to accomplish, but not the skills to do it. They are in a desolate place that becomes mysterious, even haunting through the wild camera movements of Dutch director of photography Jasper Wolf and the eerie soundscape created by Mica Levi. These kids realize they can’t play with guns like in a video-game, because actions have dangerous and real consequences. MONOS is an adventure film, a political allegory, a homage to “Lord of the Flies”, and a movie that proves that it’s possible to tackle certain subjects common to Latin American cinema in different and thought-provoking ways. (Diego Lerer)

In the presence of Sofia Buenaventura.

  • Julianne Nicholson - Doctora
  • Moisés Arias - Patagrande
  • Sofía Buenaventura - Rambo
  • Karen Quintero - Leidi
  • Laura Castrillón - Sueca
  • Deiby Rueda - Pitufo
  • Julián Giraldo - Lobo
  • Alejandro Landes
  • Alexis Dos Santos
  • Jasper Wolf
  • Javier Farina
  • Mica Levi
Stela Cine, Mutante Cine, Campo Cine, Lemming Film, Snowglobe Film, Film I Vast, Pandora Film, CounterNarrative Films

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