Moghen paris - und sie ziehen mit (OmdU)

Moghen paris - and all come along
Katharina Copony
AUT, I 2016
61 min

A carnival procession in a Sardinian mountain village: a billowing structure, a big confusion, un grande casino. Pork ears sticky with blood combined with a plastic sieve become a hat; a desolate heating plate becomes best friend to the man on a leash. The simultaneous presence of the past and the future: people, plants, objects, animals – even dead things – resemble vital actors in an ensemble that almost accidentally and spontaneously comes together. A kind of mythology evolves, adhering to absolutely no order. Like a child’s dream come true, without sense in the best sense of the word.
MOGHEN PARIS is the filmic translation of this structure; a spectacle most unique by virtue of its unruliness. In this respect, no narrative meaning is provided, but instead filmic sense is made: Moghen paris – and all come along is the ecstasy resulting from the meeting of carnival with cinema. (Emily Artmann)

In the presence of Katharina Copony.

  • Katharina Copony
  • Katharina Copony
  • Stefan Neuberger
  • Peter Kutin
  • Bettina Blickwede
  • Gesuina Marongiu
  • Rosanna Garau
  • Jeanette Spassova
  • Andreas L. Hofbauer
Katharina Copony


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