Alfred Hitchcock
USA, 1964
130min, OF

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Alfred Hitchcock
USA, 1964
, 130min, OF

Tippi Hedren
Marnie Edgar
Sean Connery
Mark Rutland
Martin Gabel
Sidney Strutt
Louise Latham
Bernice Edgar
Diane Baker
Lil Mainwaring
Jay Presson Allen based on a novel by Winston Graham
William Russell
Waldon O. Watson
Robert Burks
George Tomasini
Bernard Herrmann
Robert Boyle
Edith Head

Alfred J. Hitchcock Productions
35 mm

A yellow handbag fills the frame. Its owner walks away from the camera, poised on high heels, suit clipping her waist, hairdo a geometrical helmet. She is abstract art, a construct of color and couture. We don’t even see her face until she washes the dye from her hair and becomes a blonde. The opening shots of MARNIE are Hitchcock’s ideal of visual storytelling at its purest. Marnie is a serial thief: she stays in a job long enough to learn the safe combination before stuffing her handbag with cash and moving on. But there’s something wrong: she can’t bear to be touched, and a flash of red gladioli or a splash of red ink on her sleeve sends her into a paroxysm of terror. Marnie is caught out by new boss Mark (a dashing Sean Connery), who blackmails her into marrying him and sets about trying to analyze her.
MARNIE is technically brilliant, the suspense shots are some of Hitchcock’s best. But the classic Hitchcock theme of sexuality is also taken somewhere disturbing. It's a film about ownership. “I’ve tracked you and caught you and now I'm going to keep you”, Mark tells Marnie. (Emily Cleaver)

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Tippi Hedren
Born on January 20, 1930, in New Ulm, Minnesota. She starts her career as a fashion model in the 50’s. In 1963 she makes her first film appearence in Alfred Hitchcock’s THE BIRDS. The film is a great success, and Hitchcock offers her the leading title role of his next film, MARNIE. After that, she breaks the relationship with Hitchcock. Subsequently she appears in several minor roles such as in Chaplin’s A COUNTESS FROM HONG KONG. In 1981 she stars in the adventure movie ROAR, and in the 80’s and the 90’s appears in various television movies. Apart from acting, she is involved in various projects, especially in animal protection. In 1983 she founds the Roar Foundation and Shambala Preserve, an animal preserve outside Los Angeles.