La Marche à suivre

Jean-François Caissy
Kanada 2014
74 min

LA MARCHE À SUIVRE explores the world of adolescence through a series of tableaux that illustrate the occasionally trying existence of young people at a rural secondary school. Emphasizing the contrasts between the regulated environment of the classroom and the beckoning freedom of the great outdoors, the film is structured around the teens’ meetings with various authority figures in the institution whose job it is to “set them straight”. During these encounters behind closed doors, the students’ day-to-day concerns emerge through the diversity of the stories they tell. “LA MARCHE À SUIVRE is in some ways the second stage of a research effort that began with my earlier film, LA BELLE VISITE (2009), which was an observational documentary about aging, made in a seniors’ home. For this new project, I wanted to shoot in a shared space once again – a physical location that would let me zero in on my subject, but also give me a chance to work with a larger group of people. I’ve always approached documentary filmmaking very intuitively.” (Jean-François Caissy)

  • Jean-François Caissy
  • Nicolas Canniccioni
  • Jean-François Caissy
  • Mathieu Bouchard-Malo
National Film Board of Canada

National Film Board of Canada

Arsenal – Institut für Film und Videokunst
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