John Maybury
GBR 1991
72 min

After the death of her crane-driving husband in Germany in the 1930s, Ella must find some way to earn a living. Donning her husband's clothes, she takes up his old profession. Taken for a man, she is completely enthralled by the way men behave when away from women, particularly the rough, working-class men she is impersonating. She keeps the disguise, serves as a (male) soldier during the war, and works on a farm and in a factory afterwards - all the like as a man. Man to Man may or may not be great cinema, depending upon an individual's willingness to denigrate or celebrate its flaws and assets, but Swinton's performance is a marvelous achievement. (Craig Butler)

  • Tilda Swinton - Ella/Max Gericke
  • John Maybury nach dem Drama «Jacke wie Hose» von Manfred Karge (Rechte: Henschel Schauspiel Theaterverlag Berlin)
  • Dominique Le Rigoleur
  • Nigel Holland
  • John Maybury
  • Nigel Harley
  • James Bygrave
  • Bruce McKenna
  • Nigel Holland
  • Marvin Black
  • Dean Speedwell
  • Lawrence G. Paull
  • Annie Symons
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