Michael Palm
AUT 2011
95 min

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Regardless of where we walk or where we stand, we’re being watched: In a society in which the public space is primarily regarded a source of risks, nearly everything depends on constant surveillance. And so the most banal of activities (such as eating a sandwich or carrying a suitcase), when performed in inner cities of the developed world, are filmed and decoded by grid programs.
The fact that security and risk prevention now represent “political superglue” prompted Michael Palm to reflect on the implications of the growing mechanization of perception, in both the public space and the field of medicine. The method Palm chose for his film is repeatedly expanding upon a theory in fragments by means of unreal, grainy images of everyday scenes. (...)
Michael Palm’s Low Definition Control – Malfunctions #0 is science-fiction in a literal sense: a visionary anticipation of biopolitical/governmental processes that began some time ago, in which technology is so deeply inscribed into human behavior that a disciplinary and control society could at some point be replaced by one comprising disembodied, predictable interface subject. (Bert Rebhandl)

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