Longa noite

Endless Night
Eloy Enciso
ESP 2019
90 min

Eloy Enciso garnered attention for his previous film ARRAIANOS (2012), an unconventional portrait of a small village on the Galician- Portuguese border trapped out of time. Now with LONGA NOITE, the Spanish filmmaker sets the story in the past to be able to reflect upon his country’s present days and the unfolding of history. The film follows a lonely man named Anxo who returns to his home village in the Galician countryside. There, he is greeted with concern by the victorious and the defeated, who see in him the danger of diving back into their silenced memories. Structured in chapters and based on plays, memoirs, and letters written under the Franco regime (including works by Max Aub, Luis Seoane, and Ramón de Valenzuela), the film offers a series of encounters with characters that suffer from poverty and political injustice. Performed by nonprofessional actors, LONGA NOITE quietly opens out into a dark metaphysical journey through fascism in which the voice of the resistance stands out against the mysterious landscape of Galicia during the post-Civil War years in Spain. (Gustavo Beck)

In the presence of Eloy Enciso.

  • Misha Bies Golas
  • Nuria Lestegás
  • Manuel Pozas
  • Verónica Quintela
  • Manuel Pumares
  • Suso Meilán
  • Celsa Araújo
  • Miguel Calvo Ulloa
  • Eloy Enciso
  • Mauro Herce
  • Juan Carlos Blancas
  • Patrícia Saramago
  • Melania Freire
  • Fany Bello
Filmika Galaika

Filmika Galaika

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