Blanco en blanco

White On White
Théo Court
E, Chile, F, D 2019
100 min

The second feature by Chilean-Spanish director Théo Court centres on Pedro, a photographer who visits an estate in Tierra del Fuego on the cusp of the 19th and 20th centuries. He has been commissioned by powerful, absent landowner Mr Porter to photograph his pre-teen bride-to-be Sara. But when Pedro’s interest in the girl breaks its agreed boundaries, he finds himself trapped in Porter’s desolate house, which echoes with creaks, footsteps, and the sound of drunken disorder, and is forced to take part in his host’s terrible project – the systematic extermination of the local indigenous Selk’nam people.
With cinematographer José Alayon mapping the surrounding terrain, from bleached-out snowscapes to parched deserts – as well as the distressed interiors of the Porter mansion – BLANCO EN BLANCO is at once realist and eerily dream-like, with an unsettling lead performance from Castro and strong support from Lola Rubio as enigmatic housekeeper Aurora, along with Lars Rudolph in unbridled form as Porter’s mercurial right-hand man. Equal parts landscape study and historical horror story, this is a mesmerising essay on the secret history of early photography, and implicitly on the hidden violence of cinema. (Jonathan Romney)

In the presence of Théo Court.

  • Alfredo Castro - Pedro
  • Esther Vega - Sara
  • Lola Rubio - Aurora
  • David Pantaleón - Arturo
  • Lars Rudolph - Proprietario
  • Alejandro Goic - Capataz
  • Ignacio Ceruti - Mercenario John
  • Santos Luis Terrazas - Guia Ona
  • Théo Court
  • Samuel Delgado
  • José Alayón
  • Carlos García
  • Manuel Muñoz
  • Jonay Armas
El Viaje Films, Don Quijote Films, Kundschafter Filmproduktion, Blond Indian Films, Pomme Hurlante Films

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