Little Accidents

Sara Colangelo
USA 2014

After a deadly mining accident that threatens both the economic and social fabric of a tight-knit community, Amos, the sole survivor of the catastrophe, faces an arduous recovery, as well as an almost impossible decision. His choice will affect the future of everyone in the town, from Owen, a schoolboy who has lost his father, to Diana, the lonely wife of a wealthy corporate executive, whose husband Bill may bear some responsibility for the tragedy. As Amos struggles with his choice, Diana and Bill’s 14-year-old son goe missing, compounding the community’s confusion and grief. Against the scarred emotional landscape of West Virginia’s battered coal towns, Diana, Amos and Owen become bound together by their losses – and their secrets. “How frequently we separate ourselves by strata and pass through each other’s lives without empathy while pushing aside any thoughts that we all must inevitably face the nearly insurmountable obstacle of bereavement governs the unshakable moments of abject revelation in Colangelo’s sensitive vision.” (Lane Scarberry)

  • Jonathan Borland
  • Chris Trujillo
  • Chloë Sevigny - Kendra
  • Elizabeth Banks - Diana Doyle
  • Boyd Holbrook - Amos Jenkins
  • Jacob Lofland - Owen Briggs
  • Josh Lucas - Bill Doyle
  • Marcelo Zarvos
  • Sara Colangelo
  • Suzy Elmiger
  • Meghan Kasperlik
  • Rachel Morrison
Archer Gray

Premiere Entertainment Group

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