Ruan Lingyu


Bu Wancang
VR, China 1931
152 min

Love and Duty tells the story of a girl that marries through an arrangement made by her father. When the man she truly loves reappears they rekindle their stalled romance and she runs off with her true love. Love and Duty offers four roles to Ruan Lingyu: first shes a carefree young girl discovering love; then a society matron who leaves everything to elope with her lover; then, wearing a grey wig and glasses, an older, poverty-stricken seamstress; and finally her own daughter. Love and Duty was part of a collection of books and artifacts deposited in Genevas Chinese International Library in 1933. In 1950, Switzerland broke diplomatic ties with the Republic of China (Taiwan), and the collection was stored in Montevideos National Library, before being eventually shipped to Taiwan in 1993. The Chinese Taipei Film Archive made a 35mm negative out of the original nitrate print and several duplicate prints. In 1995, Love and Duty was, again, made available to international audiences, which was very much the original intentions of its makers. (Bérénice Reynaud)

  • Ruan Lingyu - Yang Nai-fan und ihre Tochter
  • Jin Yan - Li Zuyi
  • Chen Yanyan - Pinger
  • Li Ying - Huang Daren
  • Zhu Xilin nach einer Vorlage von Horose
  • Huang Shaofen
Lianhua Studio
35 mm
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