Paul Fejos


Paul Fejos
USA 1929
56 min

A film under the influence of the expressionist cinema of the Weimar Republic. Conrad Veidt plays a magician - elegant, full of virtuosity, with a soul that harbours deep chasms. And Hal Mohr's mobile camerawork can easily compete with the inventiveness of Karl Freund. Gerhard Gruber will accompany the silent film on the piano.

  • Conrad Veidt - Erik The Great/Erik Goff/Dr. Erich Gift
  • Mary Philbin - Julie Fergeron/Julie Faray
  • Leslie Fenton - Buffo
  • Fred McKaye - Mark Royce/Max Romer
  • Anders Randolf - Der Richter
  • Sam DeGrasse - Der Staatsawalt
  • George Irving - Der Verteidiger
  • Gustav Partos - Der europäische Theaterdirektor
  • Eddie Boland - Der amerikanische Theaterdirektor
  • William H. Turner - Der Theateragent
  • James Ashmore Creelman
  • Hal Mohr
  • Edward Cahn
  • Robert Carlisle
  • Robert Jahns
  • Charles D. Hall
  • Thomas F. O'Neill
  • Gerhard Gruber
Universal Pictures Corporation of New York
35 mm
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