Special: Valeska Grisebach

Lásky jedné plavovlásky

Loves of a Blonde
Miloš Forman
Cssr 1965
75 min

LÁSKY JEDNÉ PLAVOVLÁSKY is the story of Andula, a smalltown factory worker who becomes involved with a piano player from Prague. When she no longer hears from him, she spontaneously decides to go to the capital city and search for him.
“Milos Forman’s 1965 comedy of love and disillusionment, about a young girl who mistakes a night with a traveling jazz musician for the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Forman’s great talent lies in his ability to slip sharply satirical observations into a softly naturalistic format; he makes fun of his characters’ shortcomings but never gives in to parody or caricature.” (Dave Kehr)
“These [early] films were provoked by the idiocy – by the absolute imbecility – of the films produced by the Communist studios in Prague and in Moscow, everywhere in Communist countries, where everything was so artificial, so far-fetched, so unreal and untrue that we only wanted to see some reality, some real people on the screen.” (Miloš Forman)

  • Hana Brejchová - Andula
  • Vladimír Pucholt - Milda
  • Vladimír Mensík - Vacovský
  • Ivan Kheil - Manas
  • Jirí Hrubý - Burda
  • Jaroslav Papousêk
  • Ivan Passer
  • Miloš Forman
  • Václav Sašek
  • Miroslav Ondricek
  • Adolf Böhm
  • Miroslav Hájek
  • Evžen Illin
CBK, Filmové studio, Barrandov Studios, Sebor
Narodni Filmovy Archiv
35 mm
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