João Vladimiro
P 2012
99 min

On a rock over water, a young boy laughs and hesitates. To leap or not to leap, is what one would expect in such a situation. For João Vladimiro, it is about another alternative. Looking, waiting, taking time – then jumping, to let oneself go. A journey in the form of drifting with the current of the omnipresent water, its lability, its transience. Water but also night, vegetation, some snatches of ancestral farming gestures, in a eulogy to the slowness of events, the silence of the elements and of humans, and the city every now and then, kept at a safe distance. Like the scorpion of the title? (Nicolas Féodoroff)

In the presence of João Vladimiro.

  • Eurico Lebreiro
  • José Marques
  • João Vladimiro
  • Pedro Pinho
  • João Vladimiro
  • Frederico Lobo
  • Luísa Homem
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